About Me

Hi, I am E J Brown. Well, actually I’m not. My name is Erin. But that’s not the part that’s at stake. I am Erin, no one doubts that. No one doubts my woman-ness, my Erin-ness. I am female. I am Erin, not Aaron.

What is at stake is my last name, my “family” name. See, I got married when I was 32. Or was I 34? I don’t remember. And as soon as I was engaged, people starting calling me Mrs. Brown. I was in love and I thought it was cute, so I rolled with it. But I never legally changed my name; a political statement wrapped in laziness, maybe. That laziness also prevented me from telling people my name was actually, legally, Erin Jameson., Until I almost lost the Jameson. The diploma that I earned- it is made out to Erin Brown, not even Erin Jameson Brown. Which is odd, because Erin Jameson owes the debt. Erin Jameson made the 3.95 GPA. Erin Jameson was late to class two times, but never absent. So does Erin Jameson have a Degree? I don’t know. But the diploma in my office says Erin Brown does.

Remember when I said everyone knows I am Erin? Remember how I said no one doubts that? But I am Erin; I am woman. So I changed my Facebook profile name to “E J Brown” and suddenly, when I voiced my support for minorities or the marginalized, men listened. Even when I overtly stood up against groups of vociferous and angry people who teamed up to spout their deadly misogyny- they listened. When Erin became E J- a non-vagina’d presence- they could hear what Erin had to say. What I had to say. My name reflects my art. Or maybe my art reflects my name. Either way, adaptation is important.

In a nutshell

I didn’t make the things. EJ Brown did. And I would like to talk about it.

I didn’t make the things. As in I didn’t fabricate the items I use in my work- society does. What society did with the things, how they treated the things, how I got the things, and what I did to the things are important because “the things” represent “us”. And I would like to talk about it.

I didn’t make the things. “The things” are the least important part. and I would like to talk about it.

So hi, I am E J Brown, and I have noticed interesting things in everyday society. And I would like to talk about it.