Night Soldier


Fade in
Dawn- on a hill overlooking a city.
We see only the feet of a person who is overlooking the city.
As the voice over begins, we witness the feet move into the city, interacting with people. We witness the "shoes" interactions with people and subtle injustices throughout the day. Perhaps we see the person drop a set of keys, which fall next to their shoes. Drop a bagel. Laces come untied. Someone steps on the foot. Sitting on a crowded subway or a bus next to a “man spreader”, We see the shoes stop next to a homeless man, see the shoes have to move out of the way for a business person. See the shoes stand in line. We witness this person's day. We end at sunset where we began, the same shoes pointing at the same city.
Fade out
Note: we never see the race or gender of the person. In fact, we never see above the ankles of this character.


Tired. Maybe too much work to do. Maybe too little time. But if she had a few hours to rest, she wouldn’t be able to- she would know injustice was happening as she rested. And she would wake, go back out, and help again.
She is tired but keeps working ecause she knows that the work must be done. The others who work alongside her are just as tired as she is. But people need help, and if she doesn’t do it, her coworkers will have more to do.
She is tired because the work will not end. The injustice will not stop, but neither will she.


I am a night soldier and I work in the shadows. You will never know my name and no, I have never gotten to tackle a rapist. There will never be a book or a movie and that is a part of the job.

If you wonder why my name is not on this, look for your name in its place. I am one of millions in a long line of women who have battled oppression since man started telling stories of apples and snakes.

If you are tired today because you’ve been fighting too- oh how I love you.

Rest and remember we are sisters in this fight.