Of Minor Import

Installation Proposal

Artwork Overview:
Hundreds of complex charts detail insane amounts of data collected from the sale, import and packaging of 150 useless items purchased online and imported to America from around the globe. The charts, data, and packages all comprise components of this installation work (sample photos on next page). This work implicitly details the invisible people that power the mechanisms of our consumer culture. The postal worker who delivered each little package, the freight carrier, the factory worker, the packager, the marketer, so many humans were involved in the process of delivering to me, to us, these inconsequential items. And yet, I am allowed to live in a world where their imprint is missing. They are invisible. I am alone, looking at 123 useless items hidden in their packages.

The sculpture is made up of hundreds of printed charts, 123 packages divided into 3 plastic containers, and the data table. Artist can work with curatorial staff or gallery space to customize what is shown and how.

The work can be installed in response to the site and space allocated.
The artist is available to install the piece. The work can easily be uninstalled and returned via mail.

Very little maintenance is needed for this work. If the gallery determined that viewers would be allowed to remove the charts, then replacing the charts with would be the only maintenance needed. (Artist would provide replacements at artist expense)

In Response To: ALL OR NOTHING
An International Call for Works Comprised of Multiple Parts

Prepared For: Manifest Gallery

Title Of Piece: Of Minor Import

Price: Not For Sale


Artist has hundreds of these charts. Each chart can be printed onto an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, and stacked next to the three plastic bins full of the packages. The idea is the abundance of data, the overwhelming amount of useless information.

Sample Packages